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Ponta do Ouro Restaurants

Ponta Malongane Accommodation provides you with a list of Restaurants, Shops and the Pharmacy in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique. Eating Out. Why not try the local cuisine in the area. Try us for Accommodation - Ponta Malongane Reservations.

Upstairs Neptunes Restaurant - WI-FI, Cakes and Coffee - Cigar Lounge - DSTV - serving Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners from Mon to Sun 07:00 to 21:00 - VISA and Master Cards accepted.

LOVE Cafe - head to the crossroads between the market and the village and find a tranquil setting to enjoy cocktails and great italian style meals of homemade pasta, pizzas etc. Great playground for kids to run around in and a great venue to spend the evening listening to Mozambique live bands from the region.

The Shipwreck Restaurant is situated in the Coco Rico resort upstairs.
Restaurant Hours: Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday
10h00 – 21h00.
Friday & Saturday 10h00 – 23h00.
Mondays Closed

Mango - Spoil yourself to a healthy lunch at Denise’s restaurant located next to Primo Cabanahs above the main camp site near the beach. Order one of their great wraps and cool down with a frosty smoothie of your choice!

Florestinha do Indico - Great restaurant and discoteca on the beach past Motel do Mar - you cannot miss the painted wall - serves great Sea Food and has great parties every now and then in a large function room, which you can book for your own function.

Tarragons - A little place in Ponta where people can meet and relax on hammocks in the fairy garden while sipping on freshly made smoothies and scrumptious meals all made fresh from Hummus, basil pesto dishes, freshly smoked chicken salad's to Cakes and sweet treats either grown in the tarragon garden or supplied by the best in town....

Bula Bula - Serve Pizzas and sandwiches including a general menu of food. Great spot to sit and watch the tourists go by on their large covered verandah

Cafe Batuque - Walk up the stairs from the centre of the village (stairway to heaven) and find yourself a nice spot on the deck with a view of the entire bay. Great spot to have romantic evening dinners especially with the full moon rising over the point. Cafe offers a range of foods from Mozambique chicken to Prawn dishes and combos and make sure you have one of their scrumptious pancakes!

Ponta Beach Bar - is well know amongst the locals, surfers, scuba divers, fishing fraternity as a place to meet either for Breakfast or for a quick thirst quencher after baking in the glorious Ponta do Ouro sun. Of course there is nothing like a great breakfast after a scuba dive or when you get back after a day after being out on the water.

Fishmonga - Ponta do Ouro’s famous Seafood Restaurant & Grill - Specialise in : Breakfasts and coffee, Mozambique Prawns, Seafood Platters, Peri Peri chicken, Steaks and Prego Rolls including Full and half Combos.
Market - Head down to the market area and ask the locals how to find these restaurants within the back section of the market. It is quite an experience and might scare you off but rest assured you are extremely safe in this region. Some of the restaurants wash your hands before and after you eat and the food is out of this world and is generally bought fresh every day.

Market Region - Bread can be obtained form various places in the market but is mainly supplied by Elias’s bakery found next to Fernando’s.

Beer, Wine, R&R’s
Barrels Bottle Store - This is the only major supplier of alcohol, Ice etc. in the region and stock most of the products you are familiar with in South Africa !

Masseve’s Local Butchery - can be found behind the towns clinic on the road to Ponta Malongane -
+258 82 890 0830

Dairy Products - one of the Barrakas in the market has milk, yoghurt - ask for directions.
Recommended to take own long life Mike with you.

Pharmacy chemist - The pharmacy in Ponta do Ouro is in the mall at the end of the passage where you can find many of the drugs you might need while in Ponta. Call Ico to check if they have what you require on +258 84 526 3632.

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