Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli

Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday in paradise, Ponta Malongane, Mozambique.

Ponta Malongane Accommodation – We have a range of accommodation in Ponta Malongane, Ponta Mamolia and Santa Maria. The un-spoilt beauty of the blue sea, golden beaches, and lush coastal vegetation set the scene for memorable fun in the sun holidays. Whether you’re into scuba diving, kayaking, big game fishing, or simply want to spend your days lazing on beautiful sandy beaches, Ponta Malongane offer a range of exciting activities fit for the whole family. This quaint little town is just 20 km from the Kosi Bay border and from Ponta Malongane to Ponta Mamoli is another 30km north. Ponta Malongane is only a very short drive from Ponta do Ouro.
Roads leading to the Estates consist of VERY soft beach sand. A 4×4 vehicles or 2×4 with a diff lock are a must.

Mesmerizing beauty. Nothing is more beautiful than the beach and sun.

Ponta Malongane

Kangela Beach Estate
Mar Azul Estate
Vista Alta Estate
Golden Beach Village
Campismo Ninho Estate
Wakene Beach Estate
Ponta Malongane Resort
Dream Beach Lodge
Serenity Beach House

Ponta Mamoli

Ponta Mamoli is set in a pristine natural coastline with a subtropical climate along the southern tip of Mozambique, around 100km south of Maputo and 20km north of the Kosi Bay border into South Africa, and 100km from the Komatipoort border. Here you will find magnificent expanses of beaches with unspoilt offshore reefs which offer excellent scuba diving and snorkelling. No surprise why Ponta Mamoli has been voted as one of the top 10 beaches in Africa!

Ocean sunrise is the ultimate sunrise. Early risers can settle on the deck, listen to the gentle sounds of the waves lapping on the shore, and watch in awe as the early morning sun slowly rises over the ocean, bathing her amazing African glow of golds, reds and orange hues over the wild African bush! Watch the majestic whales coming up to the surface to blow air and sea spray or take a 10-minute walk down the beach to Frederico’s snorkelling bay (bring your own snorkelling equipment.) With the wide expanse of beach at Aloha early morning and late afternoon, walks are most relaxing.

At Ponta Mamoli you will find a place so pure and exhilarating that though you will take your memories with you, you will always leave a piece of your soul behind in the sand.

Aloha Beach Estate Ponta Mamoli
Mahi Mahi Beach Estate
Mahi Mahi Beach Estate
Baleia Azul Estate

Ponta do Ouro

When it comes to accommodation options, Ponta do Ouro offers a range of choices to suit different budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for comfortable self-catering guesthouses or even camping sites, you’ll find something to suit your needs. Ponta do Ouro to Ponta Malongane is a relatively short distance, approximately 10 kilometers. It’s a quick drive of around 15-20 minutes along the coastline.

Regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, staying in Ponta do Ouro offers you the opportunity to explore its natural wonders. The town is famous for its incredible scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities, where you can witness the vibrant coral reefs and swim alongside dolphins, turtles, and an abundance of marine life. Other activities include deep-sea fishing, kayaking, and simply relaxing on the pristine beaches.

Casa Branca
Surfers Spot
Ilha Azul


The Machangulo Nature Reserve, Mozambique. These villas are tucked away in one of the last undiscovered stretches of beach in the world at the Machangulo peninsula, within the 5,700 hectares of the Machangulo Nature Reserve, which borders the Maputo National Park in the South.

The Machangulo Nature Reserve is developed with a strong emphasis on seclusion, nature conservation and social ethics. All villas are individually designed with awe-inspiring panoramic views over the Indian Ocean and pristine deserted beaches just footsteps away. A haven of rest and relaxation, these villas will make you feel one with nature. Experience the slow pace of beach living in barefoot luxury in Machangulo.

Aloha Beach Estate Ponta Mamoli
Mahi Mahi Beach Estate
Mahi Mahi Beach Estate
Baleia Azul Estate

Ponta Malongane Accommodation

Dreaming of a beach escape? These seaside homes are the perfect inspiration for a sandy and salty retreat.

Aloha Beach Estate