Baleia Azul Estate
Ponta Mamoli

Baleia Azul Estate offers a tranquil setting with beautiful surroundings and self-catering accommodation situated close to the beach.
Immerse yourself in a delicious mix of serenity and style at these breathtaking beach villas scattered along the Ponta Mamoli coastline.

Baleia Azul Estate is located at the start of the Ponta Mamoli area. Just a 45-minute drive from the Kosi Bay border, Baleia Azul Estate offers a tranquil setting with beautiful surroundings and self-catering accommodation situated close to the beach. A 4×4 vehicle will be needed to access the area and Baleia Azul Estate.
Ponta do Ouro to Baleia Azul Estate +/- 40 minutes.
Maputo to Baleia Azul Estate +/- 2 hours.
Johannesburg to Baleia Azul Estate +/- 8 hours and 30 minutes.
Durban to Baleia Azul Estate +/ – 7 hours.

Restaurants are limited in the area but a 30min drive south to Ponta Malongane and you will have access to …

Restaurants and Bars in Ponta Malongane.

• The Drunken Clam.
• Ibiza Sunset Shack J.
• Amigo’s Restaurante e Bar.
• Snack Crab Bar.
• Alex’s Pizza Place Ponta Malongane.
• Suzy’s Afro Bar.
• Paulos Bar.
• Freygangkeller.
• Jack’s Bare Foot Bar.
• Paradise Bar (Luis’s Stop vir ‘n Dop).
• Ninho’s Restaurant and Bar.
• Signal Hill Restaurant.
• Captain Gus Bar.

Activities in the Ponta Mamoli area.

• Renowned shore fishing sites.
• Shallow reef snorkeling.
• Boat and Jet Ski Beach launches are available from the estate.
• Turtle watching.
• Bird watching.
• Fly fishing.
• Kite and windsurfing.
• Deep-sea fishing.
• Horseback riding (Ponta Mamoli).
• Quad biking.
• Excellent 4 wheel driving.
• 45 km from Maputo Elephant Game Park.

More activities are available in Ponta Malongane and Ponta do Ouro which is about a 30-minute drive south of Baleia Azul Estate.

Scuba Diving in Ponta Malongane.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced diver, Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane, and Ponta Mamoli have more than 15 top dive sites suited for all levels of diving experience. If you have never dived before, then why not take a diving course at a PADI organization in the area.
Close to shore, the dive region offers divers more than 15 beautiful coral reefs to explore. All range in different depths (up to 48 meters) which caters to beginner and advanced divers. Popular dive sites such as ‘Waynes World’, ‘Bass City’, ‘Pinnacles’ and ‘Atlantis’ are home to a great variety of marine life.
Ponta Malongane’s dive region also boasts a high success rate in dive sightings
and as a result, created a lot of interest within the diving community with many divers returning for more!

Deep-Sea Fishing in Ponta Malongane.

Deep-sea fishing is another popular activity to do in Ponta Malongane. Deep and shallow reefs nearby attract large schools of big game fish which ultimately rewards deep-sea fishing enthusiasts with tons of action. So look out for accommodation and services offering fishing charters and catch something delicious for the braai later that evening! Common fish caught include sailfish, marlin, dorado, kingfish, king & queen mackerel, wahoo, tuna, and a range of other big game fish.

Swim & Snorkel with Dolphins in Ponta Malongane.

Experienced marine biologists in Ponta Malongane will give you the opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins close to shore. Lessons in safety and how to interact with dolphins will be learned before swimming with one of the ocean’s most respected mammals.

Snorkeling in Ponta Malongane.

Ponta Malongane camp has a few rock pools which are suitable for snorkeling and Ponta do Ouro’s natural bay (7km south of Ponta Malongane) creates calm sea conditions near the point, where rocks pools attract lots of marine life. Casual snorkeling can be enjoyed in and around these rocks.

Maputo Elephant Reserve nearby Ponta Malongane.

150 km south of Maputo and about 50 km north of Ponta Malongane, is the Maputo Elephant Reserve (officially known as “Maputo Special Reserve” or in Portuguese “Reserva Especial de Maputo”). The reserve can only be traversed with a 4×4 and is part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area – a project joining areas in countries of Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland. Although not a “Big 5” game reserve, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Zebra, Crocodiles, Antelope, Flamingos, and a wide variety of birds can be spotted in this unspoiled reserve, whilst efforts to restock wildlife is an ongoing process.

Other Activities to do in Ponta Malongane.

• Horse ridding (Ponta Mamoli).
• Jet skiing.
• Kite surfing.
• Surfing and bodyboarding.
• Beach volleyball.
• & lots more……!!!

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